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Aluminum Profile
Door & Window Aluminum Profile Door & Window Aluminum Profile
As a door & window aluminum profile manufacturer with over fifteen years of experience, we offer a wide range of door & window aluminum profile to suit your different door & window production requirements. Our aluminum profile is aesthetically pleasing, erosion resistance, high s...
Curtain Wall Aluminum Profile Curtain Wall Aluminum Profile
We are an experienced curtain wall aluminum profile manufacturer and supplier, located in China. As our curtain wall aluminum profiles have the advantages of simple structure, great corrosion resistance, superior air tightness, easy installation and cleaning, they are suitable fo...
Industrial Aluminum Profile Industrial Aluminum Profile
As shown in the pictures, we offer a wide range of industrial aluminum profiles, which are available in various colors and shapes. Our industrial aluminum profiles are provided with special industrial specifications and cross sections. It is widely used in radiators, fitness equi...
Flooring of Aluminum Profile Flooring of Aluminum Profile
Our company imports Germany production technology. Various kinds of profiles manufactured by our company can be extensively used in paving of wooden floor, carpets, laminated floors and elastic floor materials. The standard length of our company products varies at 0.9m, 1.0m and ...
Aluminum Extrusion
Round Tube Aluminum Extrusion Round Tube Aluminum Extrusion
We at Nanqiao appreciate your interest in our aluminum extrusion. As an experienced round tube aluminum extrusion manufacturer, we can offer you a wide range of quality ang economical aluminum extrusions to suit your various needs. As shown in the picture are some sample of our a...
Square Tube Aluminum Extrusion Square Tube Aluminum Extrusion
Thanks for visiting our company, a China square tube aluminum extrusion manufacturer. As shown in the picture, our square tubes come in various sizes for your different applications. Because our square tube aluminum extrusions are moisture resistant, lightweight, easy to drill an...
Corner Aluminum Extrusion Corner Aluminum Extrusion
The product on this picture is our corner aluminum extrusion, which is available in various specifications to suit your various requirements. In general, the width and height of our corner aluminum extrusion range from 10mm to 60mm.Its thickness range from 1mm to 6mm etc. We can ...
Groove Aluminum Extrusion Groove Aluminum Extrusion
Thanks for your interest in our groove aluminum extrusion, which features a square U-shape. Our groove aluminum extrusions are available in various specifications. Their thickness, height and width are respectively 1-3mm, 10-127mm and 10-47mm. If you need special specifications, ...
Bar Aluminum Extrusion Bar Aluminum Extrusion
As an experienced aluminum profiles supplier, we know the importance of customer service. The product shown in the picture is our bar aluminum extrusion, which is manufactured by 660-2500 Ton extrusion equipment from Germany. Our aluminum bars are of high strength, great corrosio...
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